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Thank you Courtney at Fleeting Fox Photography

Thank you Courtney at Fleeting Fox Photography

Hi! My name is Juli, Julianna, Jules, Juju, I have a lot of nicknames. Take your pick. I don't often think of my younger self as a photographer but I really loved scrap booking in the 6th grade. I got into photography my last semester in high school and in college. I started photographing my friends on a 35mm film camera and once I could afford it, I upgraded to digital. I loved the film medium, in college I took several courses in fine art photography and focused on film photography. A lot of my style is based off my observations in classical art and traditional photography. I took a lot interest in documentary, environmental and studio portraiture and focused on studio art of as my minor in college. I have a B.A. in Psychology from Cleveland State University and I believe there is a real connection between psychology and photography. 

Julianna Arendash Photography

I have always had a passion for nursing and mental health. I love that photography offers me to help people outside of healthcare. I'm able to often combine my two passions. I volunteer at Hope Lodge, a residential cancer treatment home to provide glamour nights and portraits for the residents. I am also in nursing school, it's crazy but I feel like that is my calling in life. 

Other than taking photographs and going to school I enjoy hanging out with my friends, often that involves going out to eat at a new restaurant in Cleveland,  visiting an arcade or getting sushi (half price Tuesday).  I'm pretty well versed in a variety of alcoholic beverages. I enjoy making crafts, I love DIY. I explore other mediums of art such as oil painting and watercolor. I run Bob Ross Wine Nights with my friends.  I love video games, memes and anime.  Jon and I share a cat named Burger and I love her very dearly. 

I am currently the official event photographer for the Cleveland Flea, I photograph all their events and run their social medias during the event! This is basicaly my dream job, I like helping businesses market their business and feeding it's growth through my art. 

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Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past
— Burk Uzzle 1938
It’s about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organising them. You just have to care about what’s around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy.
— Ernst Haas 1921 – 1986


Boudoir photography is one of my passions. I love woman's empowerment. I think woman are too hard on themselves and we are often pressure to look or feel a certain way. I think boudoir offers women a chance to explore their beauty and express themselves. I offer an incrediable boudoir experience to my clients, starting with make up. I work excluselive with Cleveland Makeup Artistry by Karin Dodge to offer my clients the best start to their session. Karin believe that it important to enhance the natural feature of a woman, the make up is not suppose to turn you into someone else but enhance the real you. 

My photography style is based off getting the photo right in camera. I know my clients coming into the studio aren't models, I offer couching to everyone who needs it. I make small adjustments to flatter any body shape or size. I do light retouching, but try to make everything look as perfect as possible in camera so we don't need to do that! 

I don't believe that you should have your boudoir photographs printed at a commercial retailer. I strongly suggest that all my boudoir clients purchase their prints though my print lab. I don't think that providing just a disc or USB of images is the way these images are intended to be displayed. I offer high quality products to my clients that are at market price. A little black book is a perfect gift and fits in a bedside draw. 





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