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 Thank you Courtney at Fleeting Fox Photography

Thank you Courtney at Fleeting Fox Photography

Hi! My name is Juli, Julianna, Jules, Juju, I have a lot of nicknames. Take your pick. I don't often think of my younger self as a photographer but I really loved scrap booking in the 6th grade. I got into photography my last semester in high school and in college. I started photographing my friends on a 35mm film camera and once I could afford it, I upgraded to digital. I loved the film medium, in college I took several courses in fine art photography and focused on film photography. A lot of my style is based off my observations in classical art and traditional photography. I took a lot interest in documentary, environmental and studio portraiture and focused on studio art of as my minor in college. I have a B.A. in Psychology from Cleveland State University and I believe there is a real connecetion between psychology and photography. 

Julianna Arendash Photography

I have always had a passion for nursing and mental health. I love that photography offers me to help people outside of healthcare. I'm able to often combine my two passions. I volunteer at Hope Lodge, a residential cancer treatment home to provide glamour nights and portraits for the residents. I am also in nursing school, it's crazy but I feel like that is my calling in life. 

Other than taking photographs and going to school I enjoy hanging out with my friends, often that involves going out to eat at a new restaurant in Cleveland,  visiting an arcade or getting sushi (half price Tuesday).  I'm pretty well versed in a variety of alcoholic beverages. I enjoy making crafts, I love DIY. I explore other mediums of art such as oil painting and watercolor. I run Bob Ross Wine Nights with my friends.  I love video games, memes and anime.  Jon and I share a cat named Burger and I love her very dearly. 

I am currently the official event photographer for the Cleveland Flea, I photograph all their events and run their social medias during the event! This is basicaly my dream job, I like helping businesses market their business and feeding it's growth through my art. 


 Thank you Courtney at Fleeting Fox Photography

Thank you Courtney at Fleeting Fox Photography

Julianna Arendash Photography

My partner in crime and my right hand man at most weddings is Jon. He is typically my second shooter or assistant. I met Jon in the 7th grade when we sat across from each other in English class. Apparently Jon thought it wasn't possible a girl would talk to him so he didn't realize I liked him till college. We have a cat together, her name is Burger and she is the light of our life. If you want pics, we got pics. 

Jon's hobbies include video games, dungeons and dragons and woodwork along with photography. Jon enjoys photographing nature and landscapes, and burger. Jon also shares a passion for healthcare and enjoys working with the elderly. 

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love stories

I think some of my greatest memories were ones that I shared looking at the wedding albums of my elders. I loved sitting with my patients in the nursing home and reminiscing about their wedding day. I feel honored every-time someone books me for their wedding day, it's a huge undertaking and I'm so excited that I get to share in the day with my clients. I offer my clients a variety of different packages and custom price points. My most popular package is the IMMERSE package including all day coverage and an album. 

All clients receive the high resolution edited files of their wedding day on a wooden USB in a wooden storage box. 

Included in every wedding package is a complimentary engagement session. I believe that an engagement session is a great way to prepare for your wedding day. It helps us get to know each other and for you to get some exceptions for the wedding day. 

Lifestyle Sessions

I love lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography is documentary style and usually done in the home or centered around an environment that person/family is connected to. For example, doing a family photography session in the backyard. Lifestyle photography isn't posed, I capture my clients naturally interacting with each other and just help them with posture and angles. 

Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past
— Burk Uzzle 1938

families | Newborns| Seniors

I love photographing families, many of my brides and grooms start families and I continue to photograph them throughout their lives. When new additions are added to the family or when someone is graduating I am up for the shoot! I love working with my clients to find a location that fits them best and can even offer suggestions on wardrobe. 


Boudoir photography is one of my passions. I love woman's empowerment. I think woman are too hard on themselves and we are often pressure to look or feel a certain way. I think boudoir offers women a chance to explore their beauty and express themselves. I offer an incrediable boudoir experience to my clients, starting with make up. I work excluselive with Cleveland Makeup Artistry by Karin Dodge to offer my clients the best start to their session. Karin believe that it important to enhance the natural feature of a woman, the make up is not suppose to turn you into someone else but enhance the real you. 

My photography style is based off getting the photo right in camera. I know my clients coming into the studio aren't models, I offer couching to everyone who needs it. I make small adjustments to flatter any body shape or size. I do light retouching, but try to make everything look as perfect as possible in camera so we don't need to do that! 

I don't believe that you should have your boudoir photographs printed at a commercial retailer. I strongly suggest that all my boudoir clients purchase their prints though my print lab. I don't think that providing just a disc or USB of images is the way these images are intended to be displayed. I offer high quality products to my clients that are at market price. A little black book is a perfect gift and fits in a bedside draw. 


Being a small business owner. I love being able to work with other businesses and help them promote their product. I love working with other small businesses and collaborating and bartering. I like to offer workshops to local vendors on how to market for their social media. 

It’s about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organising them. You just have to care about what’s around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy.
— Ernst Haas 1921 – 1986


our partners

Meet my girl gang. Supporting Local Female Makers, Artists and Planners

Cleveland Flea

Cleveland Flea 

We are so excited to be the OFFICIAL Cleveland Flea event photographer for the second year in a row! Catch me outside at the flea, photographing all the lovely people, puppers, and makers. Feel free to say hi! 

Starting April 1st, 2018 we will be moving into Cleveland Flea HQ and our studio will be part of a wonderful lady work space.


Cleveland Makeup Artistry

Cleveland Makeup Artistry

Karin is a personal friend of mine, we share a studio space together. Karin has been in the makeup industry for over 12 years. She has held various positions with MAC cosmetics and primarily uses this brand for her looks. Karin makes every person who sits in her chair comfortable, even I have had Karin do my make up several times. She listens to your requests and adds to her touch to them. She also loves cats, and we love cats.


Lush and Lovely Floristry

Lush & Lovely Floristry 

Lush & Lovely is a Cleveland-based retail flower shop in the historic neighborhood of Ohio City. Celebrating the romantic and bountiful world of flowers and design, we offer hand-tied bouquets and wild garden arrangements, flower arranging classes, floral design workshops, private parties and events.


Bridal Hair by K

bridal hair by k

Kristin is a hair master! I have worked with Kristin on many shoots and she always looking for the newest trends and hairstyles to try. I absolutely love her personality. She often volunteers with us at the Hope Lodge for cancer patients offering Glam sessions for the residents. She can travel to your location for your wedding day.

Heart 2 Home Event Planning

Heart 2 Home Events

Lindsey is an amazing wedding planner, she takes the time to help every bride make their vision come true. She helps brides make important decisions about their wedding day. She also helps with the clean up so you don't have to!



our promise.

I love people, I think it's an absolute honor to be apart of someone's most cherished moments like a wedding day or a newborn. I have seen how easily memories can fade from your mind and I love to help people capture moments that they can look back on and remember. I spent a lot of time working in dementia care and realized that some of the only things that couple bring back a memory was a photograph. I learned how precious one photo can be. Photography is part of the legacy you leave behind and how you will be remembered or how you will remember. I try to make my photography emotional, captive and documentary, I take an unbiased approach to photographing my clients. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from documentary artists.  My style isn't based on posing but on guiding my clients into moments and capturing them at their best. You don't need to be photogenic to be photographed by me. My editing style is gear towards film, a classic medium of photography to provide a timeless look for your photographs. I offer high quality hand curated professional products and high resolution files to my clients. 


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